BCL is a multilingual, multidisciplinary team. The company was founded by Danielle Brunon in 1997.

Our approach to communications is based on an in-depth knowledge and sensitivity to context, the courage and honesty to think through and articulate convictions, a willingness to engage in open dialogue, and a commitment to the truth.

In a world which is being shaken out of complacency by multiple forms of change, and in which trust has never been more important and yet harder to earn, we provide decision-makers with the tools to help shape the way forward.


For over 15 years, we have worked closely with our clients to help build quality international communication through forums, briefings, coaching, writing, translating and editorial consulting.

Our main fields of expertise include: energy, climate change, biodiversity, environment and sustainable development, R&D, architecture and urban infrastructure, transport, culture, health and education.

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